Metal Smithing .....
One of my current passions is working with metal.....silver, copper, and bronze.  My collection includes fold-formed leaves and flowers, hand forged bracelets and neck wires.  I have also done a number of custom pieces including antique coin settings and family jewelry.

I'm currently expanding my horizons to include  bronze castings, etching, and enameling.  In reality.... I'm open to trying almost any technique for making jewelry !!! 

My "better half" is now geared up for cutting and polishing gemstones (many of which we collect ourselves).  And of course......he is always there when I need an extra pair of hands (Suzie, my 4-legged assistant is not so helpful when I need hands!!!). 
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Chain Maille .....
My love of chains and woven metal led me along the path of chain maille.    My work includes bracelets, earrings, medallions/ pendants and watches in a variety of weaves and patterns including Byzantine, Parallel weave and European 4-in-1.  Most work is in sterling silver (925) but  I have also ventured into copper, bronze and brass as well as stretchy rubber.

Trivia time..... use of chain maille for jewelry (vs warrior armaments) has been attributed to .....William Shakespeare !
In the beginning there was beading and wirework.  This is where it all started  about 15 years ago.  OK... I admit there were a few macrame and wooden bead projects in the 70's and yes I do still have one of them in my collection just to remind me where it all started.

My real passion started as a toddler collecting "pretty"  pebbles.  Apparently I regularly came home with pockets full of them much to my mothers chagrin (they kinda play havoc with the washing machine!).   I have now graduated to collecting mouth watering natural gemstones from around the world and fashioning them into fab jewelry.  Everything from darling little dainties to glorious statement pieces.
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